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Love Horror Events manages a full calendar of horror-inspired events including Northern California’s longest-running horror convention, two acclaimed film festivals, live theatre events, and an elaborate cabaret.

Our origins stretch back through the mists of time to 2007, when LHE founder and CEO Tim Meunier founded the Sacramento Horror Film Festival. From the start, the SHFF reflected Meunier’s trademark energy and generosity of spirit. The festival highlighted a huge cross-section of the horror genre, while live music, performance art, and interactive games made it more than just a series of screenings. Now an established arts and entertainment event, the SHFF set the stage for greater things.


Meunier next founded Amber’s Sweets, a theatre troupe known for its riotous shadowcasts of Repo! The Genetic Opera , The Rocky Horror Picture Show, & Troll 2. He merged his interests in cinema and live theatre with the Love Horror Short Film Festival, which blends performance art with horror shorts from across the globe.

With a growing reputation for masterminding ambitious, memorable events, Meunier found himself increasingly in demand. In 2015, members of the Sacramento convention scene tapped Meunier to launch Sinister Creature Con, Northern California’s first successful horror convention and still its longest-running.

In 2018, Meunier was invited to manage The Scream Queens Gorelesque, a horror-themed cabaret troupe whose variety show features burlesque, slam poetry, stand-up, comedy, human side-show attractions, and other entertainments in the sort of wildly generous combination that had become Meunier’s trademark.

Love Horror Events was formed in 2020 to serve as an umbrella organization through which Meunier manages a still-expanding portfolio of events. In 2022, LHE will launch our second horror convention, Biohazard Con, a typically generous and fun celebration of horror video game culture and horror writ large.  

Meunier states, "I could have never created what I have created without the support of my amazing, talented, & dedicated team at Love Horror Events.  Their professional acumen is second to none and they will always have my support in return."

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